Championship Final: Croft Circuit Report 2019

Friday – Test Day

At the start of the test day at Croft, the weather was very wet. It had rained overnight and there was a lot of standing water. It was going to be very interesting as BSR has never been to this circuit. We softened all the settings and put a set of part worn wet tyres on. Liam went out and took it with care for the first session to find his apex’s and braking points. Our lap times started off at being 1.50. With a few sessions under his belt, Liam was going well and he was learning the circuit as the track started to dry a little. Our times came down to a respectable 1.38. We also had the setting right for this type of weather. We were happy. Role on race day.

Saturday – Qualifying

The start of the day and it was dry so a new set of dry tyres were fitted. Even with Liam still learning the circuit, we were hoping for a top ten on the grid but with only a 15-minute session, Liam got to work straight away and went for it first lap. A time of 1.30 and by the end it had dropped to a 1.29 which put us on the second row. What a start!

Saturday – Race 1

They formed on the grid…..the lights went out and they were away. Liam did not get the best of starts, he was 7th into the first corner which only has room for 3 brave riders. As the front of the pack hit the back straight, a lower placed rider hit the kerb and went down, his bike caught fire so the race was red-flagged. After a short time, the riders reformed on the grid but this time it would be a 6 lap race. Liam got a better start and again he got to work holding 6th until the later part of the race. He past a rider on the straight and on the last another rider holding 4th until the line. Also bringing his times to a PB of 1.27. With this result, we are now in a strong 4th place in the championship.

Sunday – Race 2

The weather had changed again and we were back to rain. We had got onto the second row again with our race 1 lap times, remember we have only done 30 laps of the circuit and we were still learning. Race 2 got underway and it was very close. Riders passing each other at very close quarters with a track specialist leading the way. The top 3 contenders fought behind and Liam being one of them. With the laps going down, Liam controlled the position he was in and kept a level head and brought it home for another 4th place. Liam had got to grips with the bike and the track. He was pushing hard and keeping up with powerful competition. Well done Liam.

Sunday – Race 3

With the rain falling a little harder now and with a few riders falling, with 2 races left we were starting again on the 2nd row as a team that had not been to this circuit before. With exceptional weather conditions, we had now secured 4th place in the cup 1000 championship. The race started and again Liam got to work and held his own in the wet/rain, fighting for places again and holding quicker bikes behind him. Again the track specialist had the advantage and was away. Liam fought well and battled with a level head to bring the bike home in a very respectable 5th place. Another big well done to Liam.

Sunday – Race 4


Unfortunately, No Limits cancelled the remaining races of the meeting due to the adverse weather conditions

We held our own and with a championship of 40 riders, we finished 4th in our first season.

I would like to thank all our sponsors and team members for there help this year and I would like to invite them to the 2020 season.

Thank you.

Colin Barratt
Race Director

Posted on October 15, 2019 in News, Race Results

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